Expedition Art Successfully Funds “In Danger” Kickstarter!

In Danger” Kickstarter Progress

In Danger” Kickstarter Progress

For Immediate Release

Austin, Texas, January 9, 2019

Expedition Art SUCCESSFULLY FUNDS “IN Danger” KickStarter

Expedition Art announces funded their Kickstarter: “In Danger Book by Artists United for Wildlife Conservation”, which ran November 10 – December 28, 2018.

Expedition Art will begin shipping rewards within the next two weeks through the end of February. Expedition is also expected to donate funds to SavingSpecies before the end of January.

About Expedition Art

Expedition Art is a global collaborative of artists who have joined together to raise awareness for wildlife and nature conservation through art.  The company works with other non-profit organizations focused on conservation and helps educate others through the power of visual communication.

The company was founded by artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers who use imagery to raise awareness and convey a message through strong visuals and narrative. Expedition Art works with corporate partners and local organizations that share a passion to create real change and focused results.

Expedition Art launches several projects each year. Expedition Art is a non-profit organization and received federal 501(c)(3) certification in 2015.

If you would like more information about this effort, please contact:

Kristy Tipton

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Learn more about who Expedition Art is and why they think art can be a driving force for change in the struggle for animal and environmental conservation.