East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) Recap

We had a great two weekends during EAST at Ender Martos’ Studio in east Austin!

With over 500 guests, we made new friends, created awareness and even made a little progress on the Kickstarter!

EAST 2018 Ender Martos Studio, November 17

EAST 2018 Ender Martos Studio, November 17

Expedition Art Tent

We would like to profusely thank the following for including and supporting us during EAST:

Ender Martos

Tiburon Transmedia

Patrick Fagerberg

Casey Alfstad

Paul C. Oglesby

Aqua Brew

Tito’s Vodka

The other fantastic artists at the event:

Lucas Aoki

Santiago Forero

Juan Olmedillo

Romina Olson (of Tiburon Transmedia)

And the musical talents of:

Facundo (Sergio Carvajal-Leoni of Tiburon Transmedia)


Frosty Palms

Just Duet

Eden Welply