Meet the 'In Danger' Artists: Bobby Chiu


Bobby Chiu is an artist and co-founder of Imaginism Studios, a creative studio working in pre-production and character design for video games, television, movies, and entertainment. His company has worked with Disney, Sony, Riot Games, and Dreamworks to name a few. Bobby specializes in creature design, lending his hand to extremely cute and whimsical fantastic beasts. Bobby also teaches through Schoolism and maintains an active Youtube where he provides tips to artists and interviews other illustrators and creators.

Bobby got his professional start in art working at a toy shop at 17 and learning digital art techniques on his lunch breaks. To him, art is not something that he does. β€œIt's more like something I am. Like Kuato, from Total Recall.”  Similarly, he says that as nature is life and art reflects life, nature is everything to his art. He currently lives in Toronto and is very much enjoying working as a freelance artist.

Images courtest of Bobby Chiu