Meeting an Inspiration Out West.

In my career as an artist I have had several "art heroes" that I look up to and have inspired me as a kid learning to draw and as a professional, still tying to learn to draw. (Always a student in this field) My earliest influences being EC Segar whom drew and created Popeyes the Sailorman. Comic book legend John Buscema ,my "MAD" uncle Sergio Aragonés and the great "Blueberry" artist Jean Giraud better known as Moebius to name a few. As I grew older and started buying outdoor magazines and illustrated books, painters became an impact.  Artists like Norman Rockwell, Howard Pyle, NC Wyeth, JC Leyendecker, Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo fascinated my interest and quickly became a fan. Then there were wildlife artists, masters like Robert Batman, Guy Coholeach,and Vadim Gorbatov to name a few. There was one man that really stuck out to me. Robert Kuhn. I can't tell you why but he did. I looked for his art in bookstores and libraries but my best resources was magazines. I then found an art of book and found myself just intrigued at his brush strokes, his use of color , his compositions to this day I love. In this journey of being an artist we meet tons of people , see different places, things and share in same passions with other colleagues.  I've been pretty fortunate to meet some of my favorite artists and have made friends for life. 

I cant pinpoint when I was looking thru a magazine and saw a painting of a mountain lion that just floored me. As soon as I saw the painting I knew and felt the passion this artist had for the subject so I quickly looked up more work and became a fan immediately. I searched his name and looked at every painting I could find. Passion and the love of painting in every piece. His name is Greg Beecham and he is an amazing artist and man. Years passed I headed up west to live and explore the areas I lived and read about. As fate would have it I ended up meeting Greg in Wyoming at his gallery. We chatted about Bob Kuhn, drawing and painting. I had so many questions but I settled the kid in me and acted "adult." I was happy. Met another art hero. 

I was fortunate enough to go on a wild life trip with Greg and his wife Lou. We traveled thru snowy roads seeing big horn sheep, moose, pronghorn, bison and a pack of wolves who were heading up a mountain after taking down an elk dinner. Lou and Greg were very gracious and wonderful people who I now call friends. 

My life is filled with moments that I question and wonder how they ever happened. Moments like turning a corner and meeting James Cameron, becoming friends with Bill Paxton RIP, working in Africa with wildlife vets on rhinos, lions and elephants the list goes on those that know me. 

I got to spend more time with Greg at his studio and out and about seeing petroglyphs thru the mountains of Wyoming. Enjoy the two part vid of a chat we had as he worked his magic of weilding brushes and paints!  

Search and Create



On our way to the wolves.  

Enjoying Wyoming