Expedition Art 2017 Year-in-Review

This year we had an very busy year at Expedition Art! It started out with a bang at the Sundance film Festival in Park City Utah where several of our board of directors gathered to partake in an event sponsored by Kuhl clothing. Expedition Art displayed artwork by artists Aaron Blaise, Terryl Whitlatch, Jonathon Kuo, David Levy, Thierry Doizion, Kristy Tipton, Allison Theus and Manny Carrasco. Limited Edition prints were sold to raise funds for upcoming projects.

"Eagle" by Jonathan Kuo

"Eagle" by Jonathan Kuo

In addition, Kuhl announced that they would be supporting our rhino awareness initiatives with a generous donation of $25,000 to the organization.

A portion of the proceeds went to the awesome folks at the Aware Trust who provided support to local park rangers with their continued fight to protect both white and black rhinos from poaching in Zimbabwe. 


Entering into the spring we added severval new members to Expedition Art team including Lauren Badell our new marketing and communications manager who oversaw a team very talented and enthusiastic digital correspondents. That team included Kacey Barton, Savannah Troy, C. Wu and Aria Stiefelmaier. The team worked hard to build a lot of good social media content which we have started previewing on the website through Instagram and Facebook. Check out some of those fantastic articles at http://www.expeditionart.org/blog/. We also were lucky enough to have Austin Stiefelmaier on board this summer from Princeton who helped out on our web and database team.

In September, Expedition Art was invited to Trojan Horse was a Unicorn concept art workshop in Troia, Portugal where Manny Carrasco gave a talk about the organization as well as our upcoming project benefiting endangered species. Several of our board of Directors gave great presentations and it gave us a chance to get caught up on the years events and upcoming projects.

We also had a chance to sit down with Art Café and  Maciej Kuciara and talk about the teams upcoming book project called In Danger.

Our biggest focus this year was around the In Danger book project. We spent 2017 creating the content for book. Our team collaborated with 54 artists across eight different countries to create beautiful wildlife illustrations and paintings around threatened and endangered animals. We partnered with imagination international to publish the book and are currently in the process of laying out the book for print in 2018. 

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Saving Species and the money will go to help fund their Sumatra project .

We look forward to showing you the collective work soon and are so thankful to all the amazing art professionals for their support with this project. We are deeply honored that so many people reached out to be a part of it.  To see a sneak peek of some of the work included see this short video.

This is the time of year for reflection and giving.  We hope you will join us in our mission to enlighten the world to the very real possibility of a near future void of the magic of wildlife and the untamed wilderness.  We need your help. Our organization functions with the support of people like you, people who love nature and are as passionate as we are about saving it, people who think art is the great connector of people or who are simply enamored by the beauty of it all.  Your donations allow us to continue our work and in doing so, speak for those without a voice and leave a world for our children and grandchildren with just as much beauty and unbridled wonder as we were so lucky to have.

Please visit our fundraising site to find out more about how you can contribute and make a difference.