Artist Interview with Thierry Doizon

Artist Interview

EA: Hi Thierry! Thanks for taking the time to do an interview with Expedition Art and sharing some of your amazing work with us. 

Name: Thierry Doizon aka barontieri.
Website address:


EA: Tell us about where you live. What would you show us if we came to town?
Thierry: I have been living in Montreal, Quebec for more than a decade now. It’s an amazing city to live in, definitely not the most attractive when it comes to tourist traps though (especially in winter). In the contrary of most metropolis, there is not a lot to visit but it is worth visiting to experience Montreal’s life with the locals - there is so much energy here it’s contagious! After the mandatory “poutine’s treatment”, I would probably walk with you everywhere from Downtown to the Plateau, from the Village to the Mile-End, from the Old-Port to the top of Mount-Royal. We can see all of that, and we don’t need cars to do it!
EA: Tell us about your best or most unusual pet
Thierry: Ahaha this is going to be long. I grew up in Madagascar so I had lemurs, dogs, cats, hedgehogs, chameleons, turtles, multiple parakeets, coral fish (dad’s aquarium). Some of them were just temporary pets, passing by in our garden and living with us for a few days. Later in France, I had a cat and a couple of adorable prairie dogs (all of them died old). Now I have two cats, one of them being a very needy Devon Rex who looks like a gremlin.
EA: What are you reading or watching these days?
Thierry: When I am not working with Expedition Art, blogging, doing some illustrations for some different projects or supporting my various hobbies (snowskating and whitewater SUP), I take care of my cats and watch some contemporary TV shows, wildlife documentaries and read/play on my phone in the metro. I’m having less and less time to read novels unfortunately, so I spend a lot of energy learning about things concerning my direct activities and this has been very rewarding. I read about things like technical information about videogames, bikes, paddle-board/whitewater gears, mountain/climbing equipment, travel blogs and RV things. It's not as profound as classical literature or philosophy perhaps but it's still very fulfilling.
EA: Who is your favorite character of all time? Why?
Thierry: Whoahh that is really unfair, how could you choose only one? Anyway, I guess it would be Corto Maltese. I’ve always been totally fascinated by Hugo Pratt’s comic book series since I was young. You have this classy, intemporal character living some amazing adventures filled with an incredible lineup of characters, as well as deep occult, historical and cultural references. I mean, seriously… Corto is the best!
EA:  If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
Thierry: Once again this is torture! I would choose TIME because there is not enough hours in a day already, and not just time-travel, but the power of mastering time. I’ve answered all of your questions, now when do I get it?