World Rhino Day


In celebration of World Rhino Day Im posting a digital paint I did a while back ago. It was all inspired the the work I helped do with Rhinos in Zimbabwe. Coincidentally I'm off again to the beautiful African continent to do some more fieldwork with the wonderful Vets from AWARE Trust.

Ill post field sketches as time allows Expedition Art is growing by leaps and bounds in the right direction and we have some exciting news very soon. Get ready for some amazing workshops and events with a different spin than what is the norm.


Rhinos are very close to my heart after working with these giants so closely. I hope that thru education and understanding we as a race can learn to live with them and give them the space they need to just be part of this world, which more than likely was theirs first.

Today for just a few minutes take some time to learn some facts about rhinos. Read about them. Not just about their struggle from poachers but about how and where they live. The differences thru out all the rhinos. They are all amazing. I hope that the rhino one day can again roam free without the worries of being threatened.

Only rhinos NEED rhino horns.

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