NOMAD Art Satchel

I remember looking at a kick starter that caught my attention months ago focused on an art bag. We as artists are always looking for the perfect art bag. (Same thing happens with Falconry bags) An artist by the name of Darren Yeow took initiative. He took his experience and used it to try and outfit a useful art satchel. He got one designed with a creative team and made it into a successfully funded kickstarter. The finished product is the NOMAD.

One of our team members acquired one of the NOMAD bags and Ive been trying it and field testing it. I like it! Like anything out there,it can always be improved but the start is a very good one. The versatility is great. The thought behind the functionality is great. I like the way it carries and the numerous bands inside to help hold art supplies is a great idea. I worry that they will lose elasticity with time, but hopefully not. I haven't tried a tripod but will soon enough. The spiral sketchbook I use fits very snug, I was worried it would not zip up but everything fit great. I also like to carry a mini watercolor set, but it was a little too bulky. Maybe adding some watercolor pencils to the supplies along with a water brush will suffice for now. Im sure the Darren and the creative team is going to improve on this great design and it will only get better and better. I recommend it. Pre order HERE

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