An Animal Event

The "Animal" event, held at Gnomon School of Visual Effects,  to benefit the California Wildlife Center was a great time! Thank you Gnomon School and Alex Alvarez for allowing the Expedition Art team to be involved in the first of many fundraisers. Of course this couldn't have come together without the help of our newest team member, Travis Bourbeau. The event was something that was inevitable and brought together some amazing artists that want to help make a difference. We hope to do these more of these workshops and hope to join other workshops as an addition to their event. The team already have some wild ideas and are excited to execute them soon. Thanks to everyone that attended the event without you it would have not been possible. It was great to meet you all and say hi to old good friends. A very big thanks to 

Ben Mauro, Carlos Huante, Dan Beaulieu, David Meng, Hannah Kang, Iain McCaig, Izzy Mendrano, Jaw Cooper, Jerad Marantz, Joe Weatherly,  Jonathan Kuo, Kekai Kotaki, Laurel Austin, Neville Page, Phil Holland, Steve Wang, Kory Heinzen for your time and donations.  Hope to see you all soon again.

For more information on the California Wildlife Center click HERE

The Expedition Art team.

Thierry, Terryl, Kristy, David, Travis, Manny