Expedition Art and Gnomon Team Up

Gnomon School of Visual Effects and Expedition Art (formerly Art Explorers) have teamed up for a great cause! With both of us having like minds and passions that strive in the same direction, it was inevitable.

Both art and the environment are two things that we are very passionate about. Combining both education and art, we can make a huge difference. Not just to an individual but on a global scale. Our natural surrounding and wildlife inspire our artwork and the way we see things. Places like Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon all filled with natural beauty and inspiration. Places where unique wildlife and habitat are key. We are super excited about bringing you events that will not only be a wonderful place to learn art and make new friends. But an event that will help and benefit the wild kingdom and our environment. We would like to welcome Travis Bourbeau to the team. Travis and the Expedition Art team have been busy planning a way to make events make a difference together, so instead of just working together. We have brought him on board as our newest member. We want to make Expedition Art a community where we can share knowledge about art, passions and the OUTDOORS! We have some super exciting things in the works. Fun things, wild things!