In African Skies

When I was in Africa volunteering on the rhino operation with AWARE Trust, one of my most memorable moments was flying in the helicopter over an incredible landscape. Immediately my mind goes to those beautiful panoramic shots on BBC Planet Earth. From above, the wild that is Africa, takes a totally different personal view. My time was spent inside one of the four wheel drive trucks pursuing the rhino after it was darted by the wildlife vets. But the time I had in the air was incredible. I thought I would share some of these moments.

In the first photo below if you look closely, a female ostrich protects its nest. About 40 minutes before I took this pic, the rhino we were perusing was heading straight to the nest. But to our surprise motherhood kicked in and the female ostrich stood her ground. In front of a charging rhino! The rhino went around and continued running to evade us.

I've also included one of the videos that we shot at the bottom of this page. Enjoy the summer. Get outdoors and create!