Vaquita Porpoise

"Vaquita Porpoise" by Ronda Rousey (watercolor)

To me, nature is not good
or evil, it just is. Even things
we see as unnatural are
still creations of nature
because we are creations
of nature. Nature inspires
me by being an example
of creativity I can always
copy or pull ideas from to
make something new. I got
started making art because
I had trouble speaking and
would draw to communicate
how I felt in ways I couldn’t
relate verbally. My favorite
medium is just pencil and
paper. I enjoy painting and
pottery but sketching is my
— Ronda Rousey

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Vaquitas have the most restricted range of any marine cetacean. There range is restricted to a small area at the northern aspect of the Gulf of California. 

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Family Life

The vaquita, also known as the Gulf of California harbor porpoise, is the smallest and rarest of all marine mammals. Vaquitas use sonar to communicate and navigate their home waters. The vaquita is quite shy and solitary. When seen, it is either alone or in small groups of two or three.


They are reported to live around 20 years.

Hunting Habits/Diet

The vaquita is a carnivore. Its diet consists of fish, squids and crustaceans.


Fewer than 30 vaquitas remain in the wild.

Fun Fact

Vaquitas are a highly elusive creature; there have been less than 70 sightings ever of this rare marine mammal. They weren’t even known to science until 1958 and estimates suggest that they could be extinct by 2018.


Critically Endangered