Siberian Tiger

"Snow Play" by Chihiro Howe (Copic markers)

I was born on the year of the tiger, so I always connected myself with tigers. And since they are like cats but bigger, I wanted to show their playful side in this piece.
— Chihiro Howe

Also known as the Amur tiger.


Siberian tigers live primarily in eastern Russia, though some populations have been found in China and North Korea.    

Map__Siberian Tiger.jpg

Family Life

This big cat is solitary and very territorial, using chemical signals via scent marking to indicate its home range.


The Siberian tiger can live 16-18 years in the wide, but has been recorded to live up to 25 years in captivity.

Hunting Habits/Diet

The Siberian tiger is a carnivore; it feds on a variety of animals including deer, mouse, wild boars, hares, rabbits and occasionally, even salmon.


There are close to 400 Siberian tigers remaining.  

Why are they Endangered?

Hunting and habitat loss are two of the most significant issues jeopardizing the survival of the Siberian tiger.



Siberian Tiger in the snow (Panthera tigris altaica)