RhinoAware (Project Zi002)

Expedition Art is back from Zimbabwe!

Kristy and Manny are back in the USA and are working diligently sorting through the thousands of photos and videos.  Look for more great articles and photography in the coming months!

Until then, check these articles out:

Falling in Love in Zimbabwe, Kristy Tipton, July 29, 2016

A Journey for Rhinos, Manny Carrasco, August 17, 2016

Our current effort involves raising money to film a documentary and create marketing materials to be used by the AWARE Trust organization. The AWARE Trust is a non-profit organization located in Zimbabwe and comprised of veterinarians doing work in animal and wildlife research and rehabilitation. Every two years they conduct rhino dehorning operations to detour poaching activities for rhinos in protected habitats. 

Additional private funds can help to execute larger dehorning operations and continuous park protection by local rangers. AWARE looks for funds to support those operations and deliver medical supplies and modern equipment to the local park teams.

Expedition Art will lead a small group of documentary film makers to help tell the story of this dedicated group of veterinarians and volunteers working in Zimbabwe. All of the funds we raise directly support the creation of the film and marketing materials for AWARE.

With only an estimated 750 remaining Rhinos in Zimbabwe any poaching activity critically impacts the population. 
Not sure how you can help? Email us at  info@expeditionart.org

Not sure how you can help? Email us at info@expeditionart.org