"IN DANGER" (Project Safehaven004)


The In Danger project is a high-end art book being produced by Expedition Art in collaboration with some of the most well-known concept artists, designers and fine artists in the world.  We are currently working with 54 different artists from 8 countries, as they create imagery of 100 unique animals.  Each animal portrayed in the book has a detailed description, interesting fun-facts about the creature as well as insightful thoughts from the artist.  Each project Expedition Art produces donates 90%+ profits to a partner non-profit organization that directly affects wildlife and nature conservation.  Our goal is to educate and raise awareness through art.  The book is scheduled to be released in 2018 and is being printed and distributed by our Strategic Sponsor, Imagination International out of Eugene, Oregon.

Video: Expedition Art and Imagination International are publishing "In Danger", a book that will help fund wildlife conservation efforts. (Image by Iain McCaig)

Why Save Our Endangered Species?

Since life began, plants and animals have become extinct because of naturally changing physical and biological conditions. But today’s rate of extinction is not natural. It’s been sped up because of humans.  A recent study estimated that the extinction rate has increased a hundredfold over the last century.   The main force driving this is habitat loss.  Tropical rainforests around the world, which may contain up to one half of all living species, are losing millions of acres every year. Uncounted species are lost as these habitats are destroyed.  As species are lost, so are our options for future discovery and advancement. The impacts of biodiversity loss include the loss of new medicines, greater vulnerability to natural disasters and greater effects from global warming.

Many people believe that every creature has an intrinsic value. An extinct species can never be replaced. We are accustomed to a rich diversity in nature, which has given inspiration to countless writers and artists, and all others who treasure variety in the natural world.
Science tells us that ecosystems provide us with a host of things we can't do without, and that the more diverse each ecosystem is, the better. One of the many tangible benefits of biological diversity has been its contributions to the field of medicine. From providing cures to deadly diseases to maintaining natural ecosystems and improving overall quality of life, the benefits of preserving endangered species are invaluable. In fact, saving endangered species from becoming extinct and protecting their environments is crucial for our health and the future of our children. No matter how small or obscure a species, it could be important to us later.

Because each plant or animal is part of a larger ecosystem, preserving any one could create a ripple effect. Take the gray wolf as a case study. When the species was reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park, the impact was far-reaching. The packs helped keep the elk population in check, which meant that willow and aspen trees were in less danger of being overeaten. The branches and leaves of those trees cooled the streams, which boosted the population of native trout, provided homes for migratory birds, and supplied more food for beavers. The dams built by the beavers created happier marshland habitat for otters, mink, and ducks. 

- Robin Goodpaster


  • Cover art: Kim Jung Gi
  • Kei Acedera
  • Nicolas Acuna
  • Laurel D. Austin
  • Daren Bader
  • Naomi Baker
  • Shannon Beaumont
  • Greg Beecham
  • Aaron Blaise
  • Aleksi Briclot
  • Wesley Burt
  • Luis Carrasco
  • Manny Carrasco
  • Alisa Caves
  • Jason Chan
  • Bobby Chiu
  • J.A.W. Cooper
  • Thierry Doizon
  • Paschalis Dougalis
  • Karine Forestié
  • Bruno Gore
  • Chihiro Howe
  • Viktor Kalvachev
  • Justin Kaufman
  • Kekai Kotaki
  • Jonathan Kuo
  • Steph Laberis
  • David Levy
  • Janet Luxton
  • Christina Louise Marent
  • Iain McCaig
  • Shawn Melchor
  • Brynn Metheney
  • Thabiso Mhlaba
  • Dan Milligan
  • Borislav Mitkov
  • Charity Oetgen
  • Hans Olo
  • Karla Ortiz
  • John Park
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Don Seegmiller
  • Allison Theus
  • Kristy Tipton
  • A.J. Trahan
  • Esther van Hulsen
  • Jose Vazquez
  • Joe Weatherly
  • Claire Wendling
  • Terryl Whitlatch 
  • Mike Wiesmeier



Robin Goodpaster

Robin Goodpaster

Robin’s fiction has been featured in Black Mirror Magazine and Panther City Review. She writes mystery and science fiction short stories.  Robin believes in protecting the Earth and its inhabitants.  Her goal to visit every national park in the U.S.  She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, son and dog. You can check out her work at behance.net/robingoodpaster.  



Nicole Overton

Nicole Overton

Nicole Overton wears many hats!  She is a marketing copywriter for several universities and colleges across the country including University of West Florida, Eastern Michigan University, University of Texas Arlington, Mississippi College, and Arkansas State, just to name a few.

She ghostwrites books, speeches and website content for several high-profile individuals. And she is an established sensitivity reader, having worked for various publishers including Katherine Tegen Books and Simon & Schuster.  She holds a BA degree in Media Communications from Webster University and is currently pursuing her master’s in Professional Creative Writing from the University of Denver. When she isn’t busy writing or reading, you can find her rooting for the Dallas Cowboys with her husband and five children. 


Ashley Bles

Ashley Bles

Ashley Bles is a freelance journalist and independent scholar who specializes in profiling artists and comic creators. She has been published multiple times as well as presented research and spoke at Comic Con International in 2015 and 2016. She jokingly describes her writing as telling the stories of people who make cool things since she can't.