Big Cat Project

Here’s David Levy’s Winners in the Big Cat Sticker Contest:

Ester Conceicao @tehchan_

Qing Yang @reverieaddict

Kaisa Pirttinen @kaisapi

Maria Henriksen @maria_henrik

Emma Raleigh @ghostlygrizzly

Tanja Pracht @melextis

Jennifer Teh @jennifertehart

Alice Pisoni @alispisoni

Nichole Balsley @devious_squrl

Javiera Constanzo @javieracch

Laura Pauselli @fulemy

Pip Abraham @pip_abraham

Camilla Skotmyr @camskot

Anna Kilvaer @panala1234

Tori Maier @sketchtori

We want to thank ALL of the contestants who posted their artwork! You may not be on a sticker this time, but we’d love to find a place for your art. Stay tuned!

Project: Roar005

Location: AFRICA

Planning has began on our 2019/20 Big Cat Project. We are looking to raise awareness for big cats around the world, as well as collaborate with the Land for Lions project in Kenya.

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