The Artists of "In Danger": Allison Theus


About Allison

Allison Theus is an illustrator and concept artist specializing in character and creature design. She describes herself as having an avid love for worldbuilding and a very needy cat. Allison has worked for Retro Studios, ArtCraft Entertainment, and Vigil Games and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Entertainment Technology degree from Carnegie Mellon. Allison has worked with Expedition Art before and she has a book, A Book of Mostly Creatures, featuring beasts, monsters, aliens and strange fantastical creatures.

Allison describes art as a problem-solving playground and says it expresses what words cannot. She especially loves ink and crowquill pen work but appreciates the accessibility and versatility of digital. She’s been drawing as long as she can remember and says her style lends itself best to dark fantasy and sci-fi worldbuilding. The complexity of nature in all its various iterations and taxonomies is a huge inspiration for Allison’s work and she says more importantly it helps her appreciate this life.

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