The Artists of "In Danger": A.J. Trahan


About A.J.

A.J. Trahan is a concept artist and illustrator that has worked on Epic Mickey, Blacksite: Area51, Metal Gear Online, and Halo 4. He has worked with Midway Games, Junction Point, Steambot Studios, and Kojima Studios. Before working professionally, A.J. says he drew a lot of inspiration from drawing football players from training cards, tutorials on drawing Marvel comics, dinosaurs, and cartoons.  


A.J. tries to find time to do speed painting sessions outside, finding nature (including things like the time constraints of capturing light just right) to be a great inspiration as well as training for the quick deadlines of working in a studio. “The natural world is still my greatest inspiration and favorite subject,” he says, adding “For me, art is the only thing I feel I can really do decently. It's meditation, expression of an idea, a way of studying the world, decoration, my livelihood, my default setting…”

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