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"In Danger" book (shipping late-2018)
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The In Danger project is a high-end art book being produced by Expedition Art in collaboration with some of the most well-known concept artists, designers and fine artists in the world.  We are currently working with 51 different artists from 8 countries, as they create imagery of 100 unique animals.  Each animal portrayed in the book has a detailed description, interesting fun-facts about the creature as well as insightful thoughts from the artist.  Each project Expedition Art produces donates to a partner non-profit organization that directly affects wildlife and nature conservation.  Our goal is to educate and raise awareness through art.  The has been and is being shipped in July to our strategic partner, Imagination International.


Size: 12" x 9.5" (30.5 cm x 24.1 cm)



About In Danger 

 Image courtesy of Janet Luxton.

Image courtesy of Janet Luxton.

The Expedition Art team spent 2017 creating content for the book by collaborating with 51 artists across eight different countries to create beautiful wildlife illustrations and paintings highlighting threatened and endangered animals.  We partnered with Imagination International to publish the book and are currently in the process of creating the layout to be ready for print in 2018. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to and the money will go to help fund a project in Sumatra .

We look forward to showing you the collective work soon and are so thankful to all the amazing art professionals for their support with this project. We are deeply honored that so many people reached out to be a part of it. To see a sneak peek of some of the work included, watch the video.